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Pretties Summary
Scott Westerfeld

Everything you need to understand or teach Pretties by Scott Westerfeld.

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Pretties Summary

Plot Summary

Pretties by Scott Westerfeld is the second book in the Uglies series. In this novel, Tally is now a pretty living in New Pretty Town. While attending a party, she is approached by an ugly whom she vaguely recalls from her time in the Smoke. This ugly tells Tally that he has a package for her, but he leaves it hidden, forcing her to work to find it. With the help of Zane, a friend and leader of the clique, the Crims, Tally is able to clear her mind enough to find the package. There is a letter inside the package from Tally, written when she was an ugly, telling her that the pills included inside the package are a cure for lesions put on her brain during the "pretty" surgery. Zane convinces Tally to take the cure, agreeing to share it with her. When Tally's head begins...

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