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Poverty Background The federal government began measuring poverty in 1959. During the 1960s President Lyndon Baines Johnson declared a national war on poverty. Researchers realized that very few stati... Read more
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Poverty Scholarly as well as ideological debate has long centered around the most elementary questions concerning poverty. What is poverty? How can it be measured? What causes it? Is it a natural phen... Read more
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Poverty The elimination of world poverty, along with such concerns as the protection of the biosphere and the maintenance of peace, is generally counted among the global challenges facing humankind in... Read more
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Poverty Continuing industrialization and technological advances benefit many (though not all) of the people in the developed countries, but the gap between the rich and poor countries is significant a... Read more
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STUDIES OF AMERICAN presidential elections show that poor people vote in fewer numbers than do more well-to-do members of the population. One reason, experts say, is that the poor believe their vote d... Read more
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"On the basis of consumption, Americans are far more equal than income alone would suggest." —Bruce Bartlett "If the United States is truly concerned about poverty and its consequences, we must... Read more