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Portugal Portuguese Republic República Portuguesa CAPITAL: Lisbon (Lisboa) FLAG: The national flag, adopted in 1911, consists of a green field at the hoist and a larger red field. At the juncti... Read more
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Portugal at the Forefront: the Decriminalization of Drugs in Europe The Conflict In Europe of the early 2000s there is widespread belief that the United States-led "War on Drugs" has been a failure. T... Read more
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Portugal Portugal is located at the southwestern tip of Europe, bordering Spain in the north and east, and the Atlantic Ocean in the west and south. It has a land area of 91,640 square kilometers (35,... Read more
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Portugal POPULATION 10,084,245ROMAN CATHOLIC 89 percentPROTESTANT 4 percentOTHER CHRISTIAN 3 percentOTHER 1 percentNONE 3 percent Country Overview Introduction The Portuguese Republic, located on... Read more
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