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Poor Richard's Almanack Summary
Benjamin Franklin

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Poor Richard's Almanack Summary

Plot Summary

This small book is a collection of sayings, most of which are the original thoughts of Benjamin Franklin. The sayings were originally published in a series of yearly booklets known as "Poor Richard's Almanack" between the years of 1732-1758. Franklin's sayings are often self-explanatory and are just as true today as they were when they were written. The difficulty in understanding Franklin's sayings comes mainly from his use of colloquial language and spelling.

While this collection of sayings may at first appear to be unrelated, closer study will uncover a series of themes which Franklin returns to often in his writings. These themes include ideas of what qualities one should look for in a friend, things to do to remain healthy, the importance of saving and not being wasteful, the glory of hard work, and the problems one's own self can cause. In his sayings, Franklin also shares...

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