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Denis Florence MacCarthy

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84,214 words, approx. 281 pages
BALLADS AND LYRICS. Waiting for the May [Summer Longings] Devotion The Seasons of the Heart Kate of Kenmare A Lament The Bridal of the Year The Vale of Shanganah The Pillar Towers of Ireland Over the ... Read more
31,911 words, approx. 107 pages
MABEL. Scene I—­A Study.  Books, pictures, and sculpture about the room, interspersed with chemical and other instruments, globes, &c.; a singular blending of science with art, indi... Read more
25,024 words, approx. 84 pages
The Pike County Ballads. Jim Bludso, of the Prairie Belle. Wall, no!  I can’t tell whar he lives,   Becase he don’t live, you see; Leastways, he’s got out of the habit... Read more
20,496 words, approx. 69 pages
NOVEMBER.   Much have I spoken of the faded leaf;     Long have I listened to the wailing wind,   And watched it ploughing through the heavy clouds,  &nbsp... Read more
31,579 words, approx. 106 pages
Birth-night of the Humming Birds. [Illustration:  The Departure of the Fairies] I.       I’ll tell you a Fairy Tale that’s new:     &... Read more
4,379 words, approx. 15 pages
CROWS. They stream across the fading western sky     A sable cloud, far o’er the lonely leas;     Now parting into scattered companies, Now closing up the... Read more
32,087 words, approx. 107 pages
PREFACE. All through my busy years of prose writing I have occasionally jotted down idle thoughts in rhyme.  Imagining ideal scenes, ideal characters, and then, as is the way, I suppose, with mo... Read more
64,281 words, approx. 215 pages
POEMS Good-bye each and all the problem to Rhea the visit Uriel the world-soul the Sphinx Alphonso of Castile mithridates to J.W.  Destiny Guy Hamatreya the rhodora the humble-bee berrying the sn... Read more
26,360 words, approx. 88 pages
Title:  Poems Author:  Sir John Carr Release Date:  December 2, 2003 [EBook #10367] Language:  English Character set encoding:  ASCII *** Start of this project gutenberg EBOOK... Read more
58,867 words, approx. 197 pages
POEMS   The Ages deg.    Thanatopsis   The Yellow Violet   Inscription for the Entrance to a Wood   Song.—­“Soon as the glazed an... Read more
6,163 words, approx. 21 pages
Copyrighted 1910 by Mary Alice Walton Preface. The Poems contained in this booklet composed when ill, and either blind or nearly so, are given to the public for the purpose of strengthening faith in G... Read more
12,535 words, approx. 42 pages
DEDICATION TO W. M. Most of these verses were written in the author’s early youth, and were published in a volume called ‘Preludes,’ now out of print.  Other poems, representin... Read more
47,853 words, approx. 160 pages
BESIDE LAKE COMO   The faun   Isola Comacina   the old carrier   evening on lake Como   Delio Patri   Acqua Fredda   the postern g... Read more
35,636 words, approx. 119 pages
THE PLEASURES OF MEMORY IN TWO PARTS Hoc est Vivere bis, vita posse priore frui.  Mart. THE PLEASURES OF MEMORY PART I Dolce sentier.......  Colle, che mi piacesti,....  Ov’ ancor... Read more