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Lili Wilkinson

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Pink Overview

In Lili Wilkinson's Pink, Ava narrates the tale of her senior year in high school. The daughter of liberal professors at Melbourne University who met at the feminist-socialist-anarchist collective, when Ava comes out as a lesbian, she is thrown a party. Her cool, hip girlfriend Chloe dresses in all black and spends her time smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. Eventually, the two grow apart and Ava applies to a private school so she can start over, wear pink, and date boys, in order to see if another lifestyle might fit her better. She lies to her parents and Chloe, and she lies to her new friends. When all her lies come to the surface, she must face the fact that none of her personas match the reality of herself. Along the way, the novel explores gender, sexuality, family, costumes and roles, and education.