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Phosphorus Phosphorus is the second element in Group 15 of the periodic table. The elements in this group are sometimes referred to as the nitrogen family of elements. Phosphorus has an atomic number ... Read more
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Phosphorus Phosphorus is a waxy, non-metal element that is represented by the atomic symbol, P. It has an atomic number of 15 and an atomic weight of 30.9738. It does not occur freely in nature, but i... Read more
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Phosphorus An important chemical element, which has the atomic number 15 and atomic weight 30.9738. Phosphorus forms the basis of a large number of compounds, by far the most environmentally important... Read more
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Phosphorus Removal Phosphorus (usually in the form of phosphate, PO3-4) is a normal part of the environment. It occurs in the form of phosphate-containing rocks and as the excretory and decay products... Read more
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Phosphorus Symbol P Atomic Number 15 Atomic Mass 30.97376 Family Group 15 (Va) Nitrogen Pronunciation FOS-fer-us Overview Phosphorus is found in Group 15 (VA) of the periodic table. The periodic tabl... Read more