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Phaedrus Summary

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Phaedrus Summary

Plot Summary

Socrates runs into Phaedrus outside Athens, who follows his exercising routine suggested by their common friend and doctor Acumenus. Phaedrus has just left Lysias, son of Cephalus, a well known rhetorician and his lover, who gave a speech on love. Socrates convinces Phaedrus to share its details in a discourse. They analyze the content of the speech and the manner in which it is written.

Socrates, eager to follow any discourse, is determined to hear everything that Lysias and Phaedrus discussed. Their discussion is triggered by the speech written earlier concerning love. They both engage in the analysis of his writing, along with merits and faults. They analyze the subject of the nature of love and then other aspects of composition and writing. They discuss the content and the manner of writing. Lysias examines various types of love, considering a partner who is in love as less advantageous...

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