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Petra: City in Stone Summary
T. L. Higley

Everything you need to understand or teach Petra by T. L. Higley.

  • Petra: City in Stone Summary & Study Guide

Petra: City in Stone Summary

Plot Summary

Told from multiple perspectives, Petra: City of Stone is the story of a mother's struggle to save her young son from the clutches of an evil queen amidst the war waged between good and evil, Heaven and Hell.

Set in Petra in the year AD 106, the novel opens with Julian rushing to the amphitheatre to save the lives of his friends and his fiancé. This group of individuals has been discovered to be Christians, and the Roman government has ordered their deaths in the arena, mauled to death by lions. Julian, whose father is a powerful Christian senator, should have been executed along with his friends, but his family name saved his life. When Julian fails to save his friends, and when he realizes that his actions have brought disgrace and danger to his family, he runs away from Rome to the city of Petra. Meanwhile, a young...

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