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Sense Organ A sense organ is any collection of cells which serve to receive sensory information from the environment either external or internal to a particular organism. That sensory information is t... Read more
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Perception Perception refers to how the brain organizes and interprets sensory information. Until fairly recently, perception was considered by the school of psychology called behaviorism to be largel... Read more
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Perception Perception is a creation of the brain that goes beyond the input of sense organs. Sense organs detect changes in the environment, and transmit the information as nerve impulses or action po... Read more
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Perception, Contemporary Views Philosophical accounts of perception aim to give a coherent and systematic account of the nature of our sensory experiences. Philosophical accounts differ from scientifi... Read more
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Perception The term perception may be used generally for mental apprehension, but in philosophy it is now normally restricted to sense perception—to the discovery, by means of the senses, of th... Read more