Pendragon: Arthur and His Britain Summary
Joseph P. Clancy

Everything you need to understand or teach Pendragon by Joseph P. Clancy.

  • Pendragon: Arthur and His Britain Summary & Study Guide

Pendragon: Arthur and His Britain Summary

This well-written and well-researched book helps readers understand how legends are rooted in actual history.

Clancy shows how the legend of King Arthur grew out of historical fact, and provides readers with a greater appreciation for the literature that history inspires.

Pendragon's introductory chapter discusses the relationship between poetry and history. Clancy emphasizes that the historian and the poet, although different types of writers, need not always be opposed in intent or practice. The historian, like the poet, must keep his or her imagination active and apply it to the task of explaining the motives and feeling behind historical fact. Hence, in Pendragon, Clancy complements his sound historical research with poetic insights in an attempt to recreate the Britain of King Arthur.

Clancy musters convincing evidence that Arthur did exist and that he had the powers, and perhaps the title, of king.

Arthur's importance as a historical figure...

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