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Pegasus Bridge: June 6, 1944 Summary
Stephen Ambrose

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Pegasus Bridge: June 6, 1944 Summary

Plot Summary

Pegasus Bridge by Stephen E. Ambrose is the fascinating story of the role of British Company D in the Allied invasion of France. Company D was a small detachment of one 181 men under the command of Major John Howard. Their assignment was to secure the bridges over the Orne River and the Caen canal and to hold them until they were relieved by the beach landing forces. The Company D men were the first ones on French soil at midnight, June 5-6, in advance of the invasion by sea. If they failed to capture the bridges or if the bridges were down, the 6th Airborne would be trapped and vulnerable to German armory.

In the book, Ambrose explains the amount of training the men did for the mission. They trained for two years, since that's how long the invasion was planned for. Everyone knew that there would be...

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