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Peace Child Summary
Don Richardson

Everything you need to understand or teach Peace Child by Don Richardson.

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Peace Child Summary

Plot Summary

This book opens up with the story of Yae, a native Sawi in Netherlands Guinea. He strikes up what he believes to be a peace treaty with a neighboring village. However, he finds that his new friends are only practicing the Sawi tradition of tuwi asonai man. In this practice, warriors persuade a man to become their friend, with the intention of killing and eating him later. The more complicated the plan, the more honorable the warrior becomes among his own village. Then, the men of the victim's village begin to plan their revenge. Such murders exist in a cycle of violence within the Sawi culture.

The arrival of strange outsiders rocks the world of the Sawi, however. Europeans and North Americans begin to survey the island for various reasons, from governmental rule to religious concern. A nearby tribe, the Kayagar, arrives on the banks of the Kronkel...

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