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Pattern Recognition Summary
William Gibson

Everything you need to understand or teach Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.

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Pattern Recognition Summary

Plot Summary

Cayce Pollard is a self employed cool hunter. She makes her living by contracting out her unique ability to determine ahead of time which logos, products and advertising campaigns will work and which won't. Hubertus Bigend runs a multinational company called Blue Ant and hires Cayce's services, requiring her to go to London - a place she refers to as mirror world. This contract will keep her from her New York apartment for some time since it will lead to an investigation of an entirely different nature. Bigend wants Cayce to find the author and creator of the 'footage' that is rapidly gaining a cult like following on line. With 135 postings so far, the footage is unique, insightful and provocative. None of the segments have audio, and yet each seems to contain a lifetime of emotion, desire, and hope. There are no discernible features, landmarks or trademarks that...

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Study Pack

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Pattern Recognition Study Guide

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