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Paths of Glory Summary
Stanley Kubrick

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Paths of Glory Summary

Summary and Analysis

Paths of Glory is set during World War I after France has driven the Germans back from Paris. The trenches stretch five hundred miles, and every few yards that the French have recovered cost hundreds of thousands of lives. General Paul Mireau is visited by General George Broulard, who tells him that they are planning to make a breakthrough to gain the Ant Hill.

George has orders to take the position by the next day, but Paul doesn't want to help. George then tells Paul that he is up for a promotion, and Paul realizes that this could determine his fate. Paul doesn't want to risk his men for his reputation. However, he convinces himself that his men can do anything, even win a seemingly impossible battle, when they are aroused to fight.

The next morning, Paul visits the trenches and meets several of...

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Paths of Glory Film Summary

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