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Party Princess Summary
Meg Cabot

Everything you need to understand or teach Party Princess by Meg Cabot.

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Party Princess Summary

Plot Summary

Party Princess is a novel in the Princess Diaries' series by author Meg Cabot. The story follows the main character, Amelia "Mia" Thermopolis as she tries to balance her high school problems with having a boyfriend in college.

Mia struggles with juggling her duties as a royal, such as her princess lessons with Grandmere, with her role in student government where she has to raise money to pay for the senior class commencement ceremony. Additionally, Mia is dealing with having her boyfriend, Michael, attend his first year of college while they continue their relationship. Specifically, Mia thinks that Michael wants her to be more mature and more of a party girl, similar to the girls that he knows in college. When Michael decides to have a party at his parents' apartment, Mia decides that she should dress and act like a party girl.

While Mia is trying to...

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