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Parmenides PARMENIDES. A Greek philosopher who lived between the second half of the sixth century BCE and the first half of the fifth century BCE, Parmenides was born in and lived in Elea, an Ionic co... Read more
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Parmenides of Elea c. 515-480 B.C. Most important of ancient Greek philosophers prior to Socrates. He was the first to address the nature of being and the problem of change. He argued that all existin... Read more
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Parmenides b. 515? B.C. Greek Philosopher In a fragmentary poetic text, Parmenides outlined what he described as "The Way of Truth"—that is, the way of intellect, which penetrates... Read more
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Parmenides of Elea(Born C. 515 Bce) Parmenides of Elea, the most original and important philosopher before Socrates, was born c. 515 BCE. He changed the course of Greek cosmology and had an even more ... Read more
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Parmenides of Elea [addendum] David Furley's original entry remains an exemplary introduction to Parmenides' thought. Since its publication, philosophers have focused on the character of... Read more