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Panzer Leader Summary
Heinz Guderian

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Panzer Leader Summary

Plot Summary

The book PANZER LEADER is a memoir of Col.-General Heinz Guderian about the formation and deployment of the German Panzer (tank) forces during WWII. Guderian begins the book with the circumstances in which he becomes a leader of Panzer development and theory in Germany after World War I. When Hitler comes to power in 1933, Guderian gets the opportunity to develop new, large Panzer divisions and have these coordinate in battle with the Luftwaffe (German Airforce). There is much pride expressed by Guderian as Germany rearms and "peacefully" absorbs territories in Europe. Even when Poland is attacked there is the German-Soviet Agreement, which promises to limit the war after the defeat of Poland to a war against the Western Powers. In the attack on France in May 1940, Guderian has his finest moment when he is a key executor of the Manstein Plan and German forces pass over the...

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