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Ozone Hole The so-called ozone hole sometimes is confused with the problem of global warming. Even though there is a connection between the two environmental issues, because ozone contributes to the g... Read more
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A Hole in the Sky: Ozone Depletion Earth's Protective Ozone Layer Ozone is a gas naturally present in Earth's atmosphere. Unlike regular oxygen, which contains two oxygen atoms (O2), ozo... Read more
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Ozone Layer and Ozone Hole Dynamics In 1985, atmospheric scientists discovered that stratospheric ozone over Antarctica had been reduced to half its natural level. This local loss, termed the Antarcti... Read more
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Ozone Layer Depletion False color images showing ozone depletion from October 1979 to October 1990. U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The ozone layer is a part of the a... Read more
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Ozone Layer Depletion A highly reactive molecule, ozone (O3) is composed of three linked oxygen atoms. Ozone is created by electric discharges such as lightning and as well as by high intensity light.... Read more
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Ozone Layer Depletion The ozone layer is a part of the atmosphere between 18.6 mi and 55.8 mi (30 and 90 km) above the ground. The ozone present is responsible for blocking potentially harmful ultravi... Read more
3,202 words, approx. 11 pages
Ozone Layer Depletion Destroying the Ozone Shield Ozone, a form of oxygen consisting of three atoms of oxygen instead of two, is considered an air pollutant when found at ground levels and is a major ... Read more
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