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Elmore Leonard

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Out of Sight Summary

Leonard believes our personal moral code is what authenticates each of us. At the same time he recognizes how contemporary behavior often finds its role models in popular legends and Hollywood movies and later expresses itself in role-playing, posturing, costumes and disguises, and pretending. Characters compare their behavior to long-dead gangsters and celluloid heroes. Leonard celebrates all this to some extent—Out of Sight is a funny novel, as Leonard's work is often funny—yet still he insists there comes a time when illusions must be set aside, that sooner or later the pretending must stop. These illusions are not, he suggests, the tools we can rely on to survive.

The popular legend Leonard borrows from most is the Depression era exploits of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

While trapped with escaped convict Jack Foley in the trunk of the getaway car speeding down the freeway...

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