Our Eddie Summary
Sulamith Ish-kishor

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Our Eddie Summary

Our Eddie sensitively explores the complex themes of mental and physical illness, child abuse, conflicts between tradition and change, and the universal dilemma of setting priorities among values and allocating time to career or family. Ish-Kishor weaves these themes into a compelling story about an honorable family, and the plot and remarkably authentic characters capture the reader's interest. The thoughtprovoking ending forces the reader to reach his or her own personal conclusions.

Many problems Mr. Ezekiel Raphel's family faces are universal ones, but Mr. Raphel is motivated by two specific values: a difficult and demanding religious code, and a dream of improving the world by educating underprivileged children. Ish-Kishor shows that tragedy can result when a person is obsessed with imposing personal goals upon others, especially when he allows those goals to take precedence over the needs of self and family.

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