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Advancements in Optics, 700-1449 Overview The interest in the study of the laws and phenomena of optics was one of the most popular and potentially important scientific pursuits of the Middle Ages. As... Read more
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Seventeenth-Century Experimental and Theoretical Advances Regarding the Nature of Light Lay the Foundations of Modern Optics Overview Johannes Kepler's (1571-1630) early seventeenth-century res... Read more
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Nineteenth-Century Developments Related to Sight and the Eye Overview While the human eye has always inspired poets and writers, this small organ was studied by ancient scholars and physicians long be... Read more
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Geometric Optics Geometric optics is the study of the path of light rays through systems of lenses, mirrors, and other media. English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton's Opticks published i... Read more
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Optics Optics is the branch of physics that is concerned with light and its properties. Physicists who focus on optics study the properties of light. They also apply these properties to phenomena such... Read more
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Optics Optics is the science that studies light and our interaction with it. There are two branches of optics: physical optics and geometrical optics. Physical optics studies the nature and propagatio... Read more