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Opium The milky juice derived from the un-ripe seed capsules of the poppy plant Papaver somniferum is called opium. This material, which dries to a brownish gum contains a large number of alkaloid com... Read more
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Opium The unripe seed capsules of the poppy plant (Papaver somniferum) produce a milky juice called opium. The opium poppy has white or blue-purple flowers and is widely grown in Asia, India, and Turk... Read more
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Opium OFFICIAL NAMES: Opium, laudanum, paregoric, Dover's powder STREET NAMES: Big O, black stuff, block, gum, hop/hops, ah-pen-yen, Aunti, Aunti Emma, black, black pill, chandoo/chandu, Chines... Read more
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Opium Opium is a drug that is derived from poppy juice. Its pain-relieving qualities have been known since ancient times. Opium was used by prehistoric inhabitants of what is now Switzerland, by ancie... Read more
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Opium What Kind of Drug Is It? Opium is the sticky white sap that flows from ripening seed pods of the Papaver somniferum plant. The plant's Latin name means "poppy" (Papaver) &#x... Read more
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Few sights in nature are more strikingly breathtaking than gently rolling fields blanketed by lavender, scarlet, white, and green opium poppies in full bloom. One of nature's most dramatic displays, t... Read more