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Operating Systems The operating system is software that manages every part of a computer system—all hardware and all other software. To be specific, it controls every file, every device, every ... Read more
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Operating Systems (Theory) An operating system is, simply speaking, the software that operates the hardware on behalf of the user(s). It is that software which makes the hardware usable to the humans.... Read more
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Operating Systems (Types) An operating system is a specialized software package that operates something on behalf of someone. The object it operates is clearly the computer itself--the operating syste... Read more
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Computer Operating Systems In early computer systems, a human operator monitored operations, determined the order of programs to run, and handled all input and output processes. However, much time was... Read more
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Operating Systems A computer's operating system is one of the most important "parts" of the computer. Almost every type of computer, including cellular telephones, needs an operat... Read more
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