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Learning The need for experimental proof is a key part of the scientific definition of learning. As outside observers of animal behavior, humans are practically incapable of understanding which cognit... Read more
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Learning Learning is the alteration of behavior as a result of experience. When an organism is observed to change its behavior, it is said to learn. Many theories have been formulated by psychologists... Read more
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Neural Substrates of Avoidance Learning People and animals learn to avoid pain provided that warning stimuli are available to signal pain-inducing events. Such learning is generally of two types, acti... Read more
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Operant Conditioning Simply put, operant conditioning refers to a systematic program of rewards and punishments to influence behavior or bring about desired behavior. Operant conditioning relies on tw... Read more
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Reinforcement Theory Reinforcement theory is the process of shaping behavior by controlling the consequences of the behavior. In reinforcement theory a combination of rewards and/or punishments is use... Read more
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Operant Conditioning Approach to human learning based on the premise that human intelligence and will operate on the environment rather than merely respond to the environment's stimuli. Op&#xE9... Read more