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Ontology ONTOLOGY. The word ontology, meaning "discourse about, or study of, being," was introduced into the philosophical vocabulary in the early seventeenth century. The term was origi... Read more
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Art, Ontology Of Ontology is concerned with what exists. So one may think the ontology of art is concerned with whether artworks exist. However, most people take the existence of artworks for granted.... Read more
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Ontology Ontology is the most general science or study of Being, Existence, or Reality. An informal use of the term signifies what, in general terms, a philosopher considers the world to contain. Thus... Read more
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Ontology, History Of The term ontologia was coined by scholastic writers in the seventeenth century. Rudolf Goclenius, who mentioned the word in 1636, may have been the first user, but the term was su... Read more
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Time, Being, and Becoming The major debate in the philosophy of time, being, and becoming is between defenders of the tenseless theory of time and defenders of the tensed theory of time. During the la... Read more
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