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One Is One Summary
Marie Ponsot

Everything you need to understand or teach One Is One by Marie Ponsot.

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One Is One Summary


The poem “One Is One” was published in Marie Ponsot's fifth collection of poetry in her more than fifty-year-long career of writing. Long spans of time seem to pass between her publications, but this does not dampen the public's interest in her work. Ponsot's fan base has been growing. A possible reason is that Ponsot's poems are very accessible, and “One Is One” is a prime example. Her themes are universal, and her language is simple and clear. As she grapples with her emotions in an attempt to control them, she reveals her vulnerability, something to which most readers can relate. The poem's uncluttered lines etch a path, leading to a destination that is not revealed until the very last phrases in the final stanza. The poem takes readers on a quiet journey that they do not even realize they are on until the poet forces them to look...

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