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Omeros Summary
Derek Walcott

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Omeros Summary


Publication of Omeros in 1990 signaled a milestone in the already remarkable career of Derek Walcott. This is not only because the author, who was born on the small Caribbean island of St. Lucia, went on to win the 1992 Nobel Prize for literature, but because his poem subtly undermines the very genre out of which it emerges.

Since Walcott himself voices reservations about the "heroic" dimensions of Omeros it is understandable that critics who are guided by textbook definitions have been reluctant to grant epic status to the poem. On one hand, Walcott's characters are unassuming peasants who fight no monumental battles; his persona/narrator is allowed no Olympic trappings; and on the other hand, the requisite narrative flow is occasionally disrupted by the poem's lyrical exuberance. Nevertheless, Omeros is not a literary parody. The title itself pays homage to Greek origins, deriving from the pronunciation of Homer's name. Walcott's...

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