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Fred Gipson

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Old Yeller Overview

Old Yeller is a novel by Texas writer Fred Gipson. In this novel, Travis is left in charge of his family in the hill country of Texas when his father and a group of neighboring men take their herd of cattle to Abilene, Kansas to sell. When the big yellow dog first shows up, Travis tries to scare it away because it is a thief. However, Travis’s younger brother, Arliss, falls in love with the dog and insists they keep it. In time, the dog proves to be an asset, saving Arliss from a bear, Travis’ mother from a rabies infected wolf, and Travis himself from a pack of wild hogs. In the end, however, even Travis cannot save the dog from himself. Old Yeller is a touching novel of coming of age in a time when children rarely were free to be irresponsible and when every moment could be their last.

Lesson Plan

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