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Ogre, Ogre Summary

Ogre, Ogre, like all of the books of the Xanth series, is a fantastic quest romance in which the main characters, only some of whom are human, encounter a series of adventures. While the adventures, mostly comic-heroic, are independent of each other, the internal quests of the principal characters structure the main action. For the halfnymph, half-human Tandy it is rescue from a demon who wishes to ravish her; for Smash, the ogre Good Magician Humfrey has provided a destination and a goal of finding something important without saying what it is.

Self-development or growth is the real objective, but the characters, Smash and Tandy, who must journey together, see this goal only dimly. Other characters join Smash and Tandy with quests of their own—a dryad for her tree, a brass woman for her people, a comely goblin for a mate, and a Siren for a...

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