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William Sleator

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Oddballs Summary

Oddballs is first an entertainment and second an account of Sleator's youth. From his parents to his siblings, Sleator grew up among a group of eccentrics whose views of the world differed markedly from what would be considered normal. His experiences— from living with a brother with no name (his parents took years to decide on one) who refused to use the toilet until he became five years old, to the game in which he would be dropped off in the city with no clear idea of where he was and then have the adventure of finding his way home—are funny, sometimes poignant, and always entertaining. Oddballs is a treat for fans of Sleator, offering insights into the sources of his sense of humor and the highly imaginative topics of his novels. Readers unfamiliar with Sleator's work will be merrily entertained.

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