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Class Declaration A class declaration is a blueprint for what a class will look like, the data members it will contain, and the functions it will have. In C++ a class declaration is typically made in ... Read more
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Class Responsibilities Class responsibilities are what a class is charged with doing. They represent an implicit contract with the other objects in the system that covers what it will do and when it w... Read more
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Numerical Limits Numerical limits are part of object-oriented programming languages such as C and Unix. Numerical limits define the sizes and characteristics for numerical data. There are two types of... Read more
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Object-Based Development Object-based development is the programming thrust that determines object-oriented programming languages such as Java. As its name implies, object-based development focuses on... Read more
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Object-Oriented Programming Software applications tend to be very large, expensive, and complex to create. There also tend to be changing requirements encountered during their creation (due to changes... Read more
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Object-Oriented Programming Object-oriented programming (OOP) focuses on grouping, simplification, streamlining, and standardization. For example, it would seem unreasonable if every time someone trav... Read more
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