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A New Realm of Numbers Overview Great strides were made in the 1800s toward moving back to a rigorous, logical base for mathematics. Essential to this effort was progress in number theory. Joseph Liou... Read more
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Advances in Number Theory Between 1900 and 1949 Overview The latter part of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth saw major advances in many branches of mathematics, including the... Read more
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Number Theory Number theory is a broad and diverse part of mathematics that developed from the study of the integers. In this article we describe two kinds of problems that have stimulated the develop... Read more
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Number Theory What can be more basic in mathematics than integer numbers like 1, 2, 3, and so on? Thus, one should hardly be surprised that the study of such numbers goes back to the very beginnings o... Read more
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The Birth of Number Theory Overview Number theory is the mathematical study of the properties of numbers and the relationships between numbers. The study of prime numbers, for example, is a focus of m... Read more
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The Development of Number Theory During the Nineteenth Century Overview Number theory—the study of properties of the positive integers—is one of the oldest branches of mathematics. It ha... Read more