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Klein, Naomi

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No Is Not Enough Overview

Naomi Klein's No Is Not Enough is a conversational analysis of the current sociopolitical climate under President Donald Trump and similar far-right leaders across the world. Adhering primarily to previous research endeavors studying shock politics and branding, Klein offers a unique perspective on how to build a better future by saying no to oppressive governments while simultaneously saying yes to a utopian, values-based future regarding policy making. She dedicates the final pages of this book to a concrete example of this vision with the Leap Manifesto, a loose framework for a future centered on caring for one another and caring for the earth compiled in Toronto in 2015. Approaching the rise of the far-right from a multi-front, all-inclusive perspective, Klein offers a brief but insightful toolkit for restructuring the existing establishment and, as her title suggests, winning the world we need.

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