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Philip José Farmer

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Night of Light Summary

Like much of Farmer's writing, Night of Light focuses on the dark and light sides of human nature as represented by the demonic and benevolent aspects of sexuality, power, and religion. Typically, Farmer does not allow one side to defeat the other, insisting on the recognition and acceptance of both. Perhaps the theme is suggested most clearly by the statues of Mother Boonta, who holds in her arms her twin babies, Yess and his evil twin, and smiles beatifically at both.

Father Carmody's rebirth and conversion suggest that individual purging of egotism and evil is possible, but the statues and the novel's open ending indicate that the universal victory of one side over the other is not. We can, at best, recognize our capacity for evil and attempt to transcend it: seeing ourselves clearly is the necessary precondition for rebirth.

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