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Nigerian Americans Overview With an area of 356,669 square miles (923,768 square kilometers), Nigeria's size approximately equals the combined areas of New Mexico, Arizona and California. A coa... Read more
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Nigeria Federal Republic of Nigeria CAPITAL: Abuja FLAG: The national flag consists of three vertical stripes. The green outer stripes represent Nigerian agriculture. The white center stripe represent... Read more
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Nigeria and Shari'a: Religion and Politics in a West African Nation The Conflict The Nigerian state, or province, of Zamfara declared in 1999 that it was repudiating Nigeria's constituti... Read more
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Nigeria Nigeria is a federal republic consisting of thirty-six states and a federal capital located in Abuja. The country lies on the west coast of the African continent and has a land mass of 923,768... Read more
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Nigeria POPULATION 129,934,911MUSLIM 50 percentCHRISTIAN 40 percentTRADITIONAL 10 percent Country Overview Introduction The Federal Republic of Nigeria, located in western Africa, is the most pop... Read more
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