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Nicaraguan Americans Overview Bordered on the north by Honduras, on the south by Costa Rica, on the east by the Caribbean Sea, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua is Central America&#x0027... Read more
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Nicaragua Republic of NicaraguaRepública de Nicaragua CAPITAL: Managua FLAG: The national flag consists of a white horizontal stripe between two stripes of cobalt blue, with the national coat o... Read more
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Nicaragua - Enrique Bolaños Geyers Enrique Bolaños GeyersPresident (pronounced "en-REE-kay bo-LAH-nyos GUY-ers") "No one will be above the law in my government.... Read more
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Nicaragua Nicaragua is located in the geographic heart of Central America and is the region's largest country at 128,410 square kilometers (49,579 square miles), which makes it slightly larger ... Read more
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Nicaragua POPULATION 5,023,818ROMAN CATHOLIC 75.9 percentPROTESTANT 18.7 percentJEHOVAH'S WITNESS 1.4 percentOTHER 4.0 percent Country Overview Introduction Nicaragua, with an area of 50,4... Read more
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