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Nibelungenlied Summary

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Nibelungenlied Summary


The Nibelungenlied is a German epic poem which was written sometime around 1200, probably in what is today Austria. The title means "Song of the Nibelungs." "Nibelungen" is the plural of "Nibelung," which refers to a dynasty which is conquered by the hero or protagonist of the epic, the dragon-slayer Siegfried. The word "lied" means "lay," which is a Germanic word for a song, poem, or lyric. The poem exists in more than thirty manuscripts, but three main versions represent the story as we know it. For the purposes of study, many modern editions are translated in prose rather than rhymed poetic form to be more accessible to students.

Reasons why the Nibelungenlied has enjoyed such a wide readership for so many centuries include: much is known about the historical context of the poem as well as about the literary sources it drew on, including mythology and legend. The story...

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