Necessary Roughness Summary
Marie G. Lee

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Necessary Roughness Summary

Necessary Roughness is a coming-of-age story that revolves around Chan Kim and his twin sister, Young. In Los Angeles, the Kim family owned a successful grocery store, Chan was a popular soccer star, and life was comfortable in their vibrant multicultural neighborhood. All that changes when the Kims are forced to move to Iron River, Minnesota, to save the family's honor after their father's drug-dealing brother flees the town, leaving debts and ill-will behind him. The family must learn to deal with vicious prejudice from hostile townspeople, struggle to make their new store succeed, and cope with new conflicts between Chan and his father. Worst of all, Young is killed in a car accident. In the end, father and son come to understand and accept each other, and Chan gains new respect for his Korean heritage.

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