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Clare Vanderpool

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Navigating Early Overview

As World War II ends, Jack Baker a boy from Kansas, finds himself alone with a father he barely knows. After his mother’s death, his father sends him to a boarding school in Maine, which is nearby the naval base where Captain Baker is stationed. Jack struggles to fit in at school and to deal with his mother’s death. Although Early is a strange boy who doesn't associate with the other students, he and Jack become friends. When Jack’s father cannot come for spring break, Jack accepts Early’s invitation to go on a quest down the Appalachian Trail searching for a bear. Early is also searching for his brother, whom he believes did not die fighting in Europe. Their quest mirrors a story Early tells about Pi—a character who is finding his way in the world. During their quest the boys come across “pirates” and find shelter with a kindly outfitter. Also, Jack is mistaken for the son of an old woman who has been waiting for her son to come home for 50 years. At the end of their journey, Fisher finds them, and Captain Baker is able to help Fisher make peace with the fact that his entire squad was killed and Fisher survived. Jack realizes that in his own way his father has a hole in his heart from losing his wife, and his father is grieving too. Captain Baker learns to open up and relate to his son. Together Jack and his father build a relationship.

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