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Naked Lunch Summary
William S. Burroughs

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Naked Lunch Summary

Plot Summary

In a convoluted and disturbing string of events, a drug addict flees from the police. His journeys take him across the United States and down into Mexico and beyond. On his travels, he meets up with various members of the underground drug and homosexual cultures. Alongside the twisted narrative runs a counter story about the uses of mind control by governments and psychiatrists to manipulate, destroy and direct the masses. Told in lurid detail that disturbs and disgusts many readers, the novel presents a glimpse into the emerging counter cultures of the 1950s and gives interesting insights into how these forces effect the ongoing development of modern society.

The novel begins as Lee, a drug dealer and addict, flees arrest. He sets out across the country with several of his friends. Overtime, the group splits apart and Lee continues on his way to Mexico and down through Central...

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