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My Share of the Task Summary
Stanley A. McChrystal

Everything you need to understand or teach My Share of the Task by Stanley A. McChrystal.

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My Share of the Task Summary

Plot Summary

"My Share of the Task" is a memoir by General Stanley McChrystal, U.S. Army, Retired, detailing his military service from West Point through the War on Terror.

McChrystal grows up reading biographies and histories of leaders, heroes, and military battles, a passion for reading instilled in him by his mother. His father, a member of the Armed Forces, serves proudly in Vietnam. McChrystal enters West Point in the 1970s, serving at a time when public distrust of the military is at an all time high, and support and pride is at an all time low. Nevertheless, MyChrystal proudly serves, graduating from West Point, and going on to serve in the Airborne and Army Rangers, serving in a variety of official positions, and meeting a number of future generals, like Ray Odierno and David Petraeus.

McChrystal is promoted again and again, and as the 1990s emerge, Islamic terrorism...

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