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Mutation Summary
Robin Cook

Everything you need to understand or teach Mutation by Robin Cook.

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Mutation Summary

Plot Summary

The brilliant biology researcher Victor Frank secretly uses advanced genetic techniques to create a son with incredible intelligence. The son, VJ, astounds everyone with his amazing intellectual abilities. However, at age three, VJ suffers an enormous drop in intelligence. Then, Victor's oldest son David dies of a rare form of liver cancer, and VJ's nanny Janice dies of the same type of cancer shortly after.

When VJ is ten-years-old, a series of confusing and somewhat sinister events occur in rapid succession. Victor is left feeling confused and vulnerable. Victor's wife Marsha, a child psychiatrist, begins to suspect that VJ is a disturbed child.

A series of interesting plot twists lead the Franks through an event-filled week. They gradually realize that their son VJ has long been involved in illegal and morally horrifying activities involving bio-technological research.

Although Victor does not want to believe VJ is involved in such...

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Lesson Plan

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Mutation Lesson Plans contain 114 pages of teaching material, including:

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