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Mostly Harmless Summary
Douglas Adams

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Mostly Harmless Summary

Plot Summary

Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams centers around the potential breakdown of the Galaxy. The three main characters go on individual missions ruled by chaos and disorder. Arthur Dent searches for a new life, Ford Prefect fights the bad guys and Tricia McMillian boards an alien spaceship. The experiences of all three characters seal the fate of the Galaxy.

The novel opens with a computer program in complete meltdown mode on the Grebulon ship. The central mission module is damaged beyond repair. The crew's memories, identities and understanding are in the module. Therefore, they lose their minds.

In New York on Earth, Tricia McMillian travels from England to try to score an audition for a US morning news show. Tricia tells the story that she went to a party years ago and met a two-headed alien. He asked her to come with him, but she said she had to...

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