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Mossflower Summary
Brian Jacques

Everything you need to understand or teach Mossflower by Brian Jacques.

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Mossflower Summary

Plot Summary

Mossflower: A Story of Redwall is a prequel to Brian Jacques' bestseller Redwall. In this novel, Bella of Brockhall tells a young mouse the story of how Martin the Warrior saved Mossflower from the tyrannical rule of Tsarmina, Queen of a Thousand Eyes. Martin comes to Mossflower as the last of the woodland creatures are fleeing the rule of Tsarmina's father, Verdauga, only to have Tsarmina rise to the throne after Verdauga's death. The woodland creatures want to fight Tsarmina's rule, but they are not strong enough in number to defeat her army. However, Martin travels to Salamandastron to find Boar the Fighter and ask him to return to Mossflower and defeat Tsarmina. A great battle ensues upon Martin's return, freeing all of Mossflower. Mossflower is a riveting prequel that will satisfy many questions for fans of Redwall.

Martin the Warrior arrives in Mossflower just as the last...

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