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Monsters, Inc. Summary

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Monsters, Inc. Summary

Summary and Analysis

Monsters, Inc. begins by showing a shelf of toys while we hear a little boy tell his parents goodnight. After he falls asleep, a breeze begins to blow and the closet door opens. The boy hears sounds, and suddenly, a monster stands up beside his bed and growls. The boy screams, and the monster proceeds to run away screaming. The lights flip on, and we hear a machine say, "Simulation Terminated." A woman asks what the screaming monster's mistake was, and no one can tell her the answer. The woman tells them that leaving the door open is the worst mistake that can be made, because a child could then get in through the open door. Henry J. Waternoose III, the head of the factory, comes in and yells at the monsters to tell them that a child's touch is toxic.

After a monster refuses...

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