Miracles on Maple Hill Summary
Virginia Sorensen

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Miracles on Maple Hill Summary

Miracles on Maple Hill, a story about ten-year-old Marly and her family, tells about nature's healing powers. Marly's father suffered terribly during the Korean War; unable to find a job, he has become bitter and short-tempered. All the family members feel the strain, so Marty's mother, Lee, persuades them to spend some time at her now-deserted childhood summer retreat on Maple Hill.

While there, Marly and her family learn how to make friends among strangers, how to fend for themselves, and how to enjoy nature. The relationships in the novel are realistic and likely to be familiar to most readers, as are Marty's questions about the world around her as she grows up in a family beset by problems. Miracles on Maple Hill invites readers to spend a year on Maple Hill with interesting people who endure difficult times. Readers will leave the book with a greater appreciation...

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