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Mila 18 Summary
Leon Uris

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Mila 18 Summary

Plot Summary

Taking place during the Nazi aggression in Europe and continuing through the end of 1943, the bulk of the story occurs in Warsaw, Poland. The Germans defeat a weaker Polish army and occupy the country. Once entrenched, the Nazis begin the implementation of Berlin directives to "solve" the "Jewish problem" in Poland. Alex Brandel is a Zionist Jew who begins to write a journal, detailing Nazi activities, so that one day the world will know of the treatment and suffering of his people. He is assisted by other staunch Zionists, as well as less radical factions of the Jewish population, who ultimately become radicalized and convince him, as well, that armed resistance is the sole means of restoring Jewish honor and dignity in Poland. Several Aryans assist the Jews, both in their efforts to obtain food and other necessities and to organize escapes, as Nazis step up their efforts...

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