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Methaqualone This is a nonbarbiturate, short-acting SEDATIVE-HYPNOTIC drug that has been used to treat insomnia. It was originally introduced in 1951 as a treatment for malaria. In the 1960s and 1970s... Read more
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Quaaludes Quaaludes, often called "ludes," are a sedative-hypnotic drug, methaqualone, formerly used to treat insomnia. The drug produces a feeling of euphoria (intense well-being) that... Read more
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Methaqualone OFFICIAL NAMES: Methaqualone STREET NAMES: Quaaludes, ludes, quads, quay, sopors, 714s, mandrax, mandrakes, mandies, buttons, disco biscuits, love drug DRUG CLASSIFICATIONS: Schedule I, n... Read more
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Methaqualone What Kind of Drug Is It? Methaqualone (meth-a-KWAY-lone) is a highly addictive, illegal, SYNTHETIC drug. It was once widely prescribed as a treatment for insomnia, a sleep disorder, and a... Read more
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