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Methamphetamine Methampheta-mine (also called METHEDRINE) is a potent PSYCHOMOTOR STIMULANT with a chemical structure similar to AMPHETAMINE. Methamphetamine's stimulant effects on the central ... Read more
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Methedrine Methedrine was the proprietary name given METHAMPHETAMINE hydrochloride by the pharmaceutical company Burroughs Well-come. It was sold in ampules and until 1963-1964 was readily available b... Read more
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Methamphetamine OFFICIAL NAMES: Methampethamine STREET NAMES: Meth, speed, crank, zip, chalk, ice, crystal DRUG CLASSIFICATIONS: Schedule II, stimulant Overview Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant... Read more
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Methamphetamine What Kind of Drug Is It? Methamphetamine, commonly referred to as "meth," is a synthetic, or laboratory-made, stimulant. Stimulants increase alertness, endurance, and fee... Read more